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Shen Jing Dong

Pop Art?Oil Painting?Contemporary Art 

Shen Jing Dong is an acclaimed contemporary artist of the Chinese new wave, known for his paintings and sculptures of Chinese iconography. He creates images of soldiers and icons of life through new forms and expressive colors. Shen’s works can be seen in collections worldwide and one of his most famous collectors is actress Zhang Ziyi from Memoirs of a Geisha & Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon etc.

2018 “Art” Crossover Series Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Automobile Museum, China
2018 Contemporary China Small Oil Painting Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan
2017 Chinese Representational & Abstract Exhibition, Shandong time international art museum, China
2017 “Fourth wall” Art Exhibition, Beijing Han Wei International Art Centre, Beijing, China
2017 “Painted Words” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zhejiang Wenzhou Art Museum, China
2017 “Fusion” Contemporary Oil Painting Language Research Exhibition, Beijing Today Art Museum, China
2017 The Eleventh Florence International Biennial of Contemporary Art, The Da Bar Old Castle in Florence, Italy
2016 Jesus Is 2017 Years Old Today, Songzhuang Contemporary Literature Museum, Beijing, China
2016 Good Painting Doctrine, 798 Art Classic Space, Beijing, China
2016 “From China”Contemporary Art Exhibition, Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, USA
2016 Crossing Borders — San Francisco International Arts Exhibit, San Francisco International Arts Center, USA
2016 East. Shore – Chinese and American Artist Print Exchange Project, Elizabeth foundation, New York, USA
2016 Art Vision: Cultural Insight, Frank Hill art school in New York, USA
2015 Chinese Sculpture Exhibition of the Montreux International Biennale, Montreux, Switzerland
2015 The Eleventh Mongolian Art Festival, “He is From China”, Montreux Art Gallery, Switzerland
2015 “Chinese People”, Ferrari Gallery, Switzerland
2015 Wan Shen – The Holy Family of Contemporary Chinese Art, Contemporary Literature and Art Museum of Songzhuang, China
2015 The Montreux Biennale, Montreux, Switzerland
2015 100 Meters Near Heaven Can Stall, Zhongjie Museum of Art, China
2015 Toughness·Xin Chen Art Exhibition, Nanjing New Town Art Center, China
2015 Asia Dialogue Asia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jizhou Island, Korea
2014 Art Paris – Art Fair, “France-Chine 50” (la Chine à l’honneur), France
2013 Art Basel – Miami Beach, Exhibition Miami FL, États-Unis
2013 Art Basel – Hong Kong, Exhibition China
2013 New Art Fair, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France

Chinese Art, Pop Art, Screen Printing

Pop Art, Screen Prints, Limited Editions

Female Soldier, Shen Jing Dong, 2013
Female Soldier, Screen Print
Pop Art, 57*77cm
Rabbit, Shen Jing Dong
Rabbit, Screen Print
Pop Art, 76*57cm
The Little Prince 1, Shen Jing Dong
The Little Prince 1, Screen Print
Pop Art, 59*73cm
God of Fortune
God of Fortune, Screen Print
Pop Art, 54*41cm
Little Prince and Rose, Shen Jing Dong
Little Prince and Rose, Screen Print
Pop Art, 58*77cm
Vision, Screen Print
Pop Art, 76*57cm
Hero, Shen Jing Dong_
Hero, Screen Print
Pop Art, 77*77cm
Navy and Donald Duck, Shen Jing Dong
Navy and Donald Duck, Screen Print
Pop Art, 57*77cm
Angel, Shen Jing Dong
Angel?Screen Print
Pop Art, 77*57cm
Michael Jackson, Screen Print
Pop Art, 56*64cm
Sh! Shen Jing Dong
Sh!, Screen Print
Pop Art, 70*50cm
The Little Prince, Shen Jing Dong
The Little Prince, Screen Print
Pop Art, 58*77cm

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