Kitagawa Utamaro, Ukiyo-e Artist

Kitagawa Utamaro (1753 – 1806) was a Japanese artist. He is one of the most highly regarded practitioners of the ukiyo-e genre of woodblock prints, especially for his portraits of beautiful women. Utamaro’s work reached Europe in the mid-nineteenth century, where it was very popular, enjoying particular acclaim in France. He influenced the European Impressionists, particularly with his use of partial views and his emphasis on light and shade, which they imitated.

Japanese Art - Woman Portrait

喜多川歌麿 (5)
Woman Holding a Tortoise shell Hair Comb, Japanese Art, No. J03001
喜多川歌麿 (2)
Woman Wiping Sweat, Japanese Art, No. J03002
喜多川歌麿 (6)
Ten Physiognomies of Women, Japanese Art, No. J03003
喜多川歌麿 (48)
Three Beauties of the Present Day, Japanese Art, No. J03004
Poem of the Pillow, Japanese Art, Ukiyo-e, No. J03005
喜多川歌麿 (43)
Women Brings Drink, Ukiyo-e, Japanese Art, No. J03006
喜多川歌麿 (42)
Picture of Woman Applying Makeup, Japanese Art, Ukiyo-e, No. J03007
喜多川歌麿 (31)
Anthology of Poems: The Love Section, Japanese Art, Ukiyo-e, No. J03008

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