Xiao Rong Wang

Wang Xiao Rong

Chinese Art, Mixed Media, Contemporary Art 

Xiao Rong Wang was born in Shaanxi Province, China, in 1973. She graduated from the Famous Russian Artist Studio at the China Academy of Art in 2006. Today she is a member of the Shaaxi Artists Association the New York Hudson Artists Association.   Wang Xiao Rong likes adventures and this pushes her to experiment. Her work is composed of a multitude of materials and mediums. She combines ink, paint and oil pigment and combines them with leaves and paper to create collages.   Each material and colour brings an emotional characteristic to her work. Leaves for example represent past life and the birth of a new life: “From a microscopic perspective, my works examines states of life existence and mourns how life is short and time vanishes”.   Artist Wang allows space in her works for the audience’s own interpretations and emotions. She has a very loving and peaceful nature, yearning for good and looking towards the future which is depicted in her art. The works very much talk about romance, sincerity, amiability and nature.   Even though Xiao Rong Wang has a western artistic technique or natural style, her ideas and creations are deeply rooted into the context of Chinese traditional culture.

Mixed Media, Abstract on Canvas

Contemporary Art

《Jade lake》, Mixed Medium,60X50cm
Jade Lake, Mixed Media
2015-《Time Series 2》 Mixed Medium,80X60 cm,
Time Series 2, Mixed Media
《Time Series 3》60X50CM,Mixed Medium, 2014
Time Series 3, Mixed Media
《Time Series 4》60X50CM,Mixed Medium, 2017
Time Series 4, Mixed Media
2018-《Time's up》, Mixed Medium,60X80cm
Time’s Up, Mixed Media
2017-《Time Series 1》 Mixed Medium, 80X60 cm,
Time Series 1, Mixed Media
Sail, Mixed Medium, 60X50cm, 2018
Sail, Mixed Media
《Time Series 5》60X50CM,Mixed Medium, 2017
Time Series 5, Mixed Media

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